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Bowen Therapy – how does it work?

on Thursday, 20 October 2011.

Bowen Therapy – how does it work?

Bowen therapy, also known as the Bowen technique or Bowtech, is a holistic muscle and tissue therapy that works on the body at a structural and energetic level.

It’s not massage, but a series of gentle rolling movements performed on very specific areas of the body. This triggers stimulation to the nerves within the fascia of the muscle sending a message to the brain and back through this muscle where the body responds by integrating a healing response . There is absolutely no pain involved, no forceful or uncomfortable movements and no manipulation.

So how does it work?

Bowen therapy works on three levels.

It rebalances the body both physically and energetically, realigning the left and right sides of the body, this can improve posture and mobility.

It relaxes the body. Bowen moves the body away from the “fight or flight” response. It calms and restores balance to the autonomic nervous system allowing healing and recovery to begin.

It stimulates your body energetically, initiating its self-healing power and detoxifying system.

Bowen therapy is performed on the fascia, an endless web of soft connective tissue that envelops all the body’s organs and tissues. The fascia plays a major role in muscle coordination, postural alignment and overall body structure and function.

The movements performed during your Bowen treatment affect the joint proprioreceptors, muscles and nerves, as well as the fascia itself.

Bowen therapy stimulates your immune system and also your lymphatic system, which is essential for eliminating toxins from the body. It also affects your spinal reflexes, stimulating your organs to help them work more effectively.

Last but certainly not least, Bowen works with the vibrations of the body, restoring balance and harmony.

Essentially, Bowen therapy helps the body draw on its own powerful resources to heal itself. It is a safe, gentle and affordable therapy for everyone from newborn babies to the elderly.

To book a Bowen therapy treatment click here.

For more information on how Bowen therapy works, use the links below:



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