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What's the difference between a midwife and a lactation consultant?

on Thursday, 20 October 2011.

There is a simple answer to this question: a lactation consultant will provide you with the time,specialised knowledge and personalised support to achieve your breastfeeding goals.

During those early, hazy days of new motherhood there is so much to figure out and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I know, I’ve been there! I breastfed my three sons (now grown men) and two things were crucial to my success – individual support and consistently accurate information when I needed it most.

Midwives are wonderful health practitioners who are invaluable during pregnancy, birth and beyond. However, when your new baby is born there can be such a lot to take in during your brief hospital stay while you learn how to breastfeed and teach your baby at the same time

Many women manage fine on their own, but others like or need the one-on-one support of an specialist if there are initial breastfeeding challenges . It can be helpful to have a source of assesment and advice from someone who can give you the evidence based consistent support you need.

A lactation consultant will address a wide range of breastfeeding situations, including sore nipples , attachment issues, milk supply and twin-feeding or cleft palate. Later down the track, she can help with an unsettled or colicky baby. Lactation Consultants can also assist with developing return to work plans.

An initial consultation usually last ninety minutes, which is more than enough time for your lactation consultant to watch you feed your baby and work with you to address any issues. She will show you how to tell when baby is feeding well and how to breastfeed in a way that feels comfortable while developing a breastfeeding plan tailored to your needs.

A lactation consultant has the experiences of hundreds of women behind her, but is also up to speed on the latest information about breastfeeding. As you’ll discover, everyone has an opinion on breastfeeding, so it is very helpful to have one person you can rely on in hospital and home providing accurate assessment ,advice and support.

So to answer the question posed by the post title: the difference between a midwife and a lactation consultant is that your lactation consultant will give you the time, support and information you need to get your baby’s health off to a fantastic start.

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