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Jodie Mahommed

Our daughter has been referred to the ENT specialist for possible Grommets but thought we'd give Bowen a try first.

I just wanted to say thank you- I took her back to the doctor today to get her ears checked & they are the clearest they have been in months ! An added bonus is that we have a much calmer happier girl who even knows the way to Red Gate Clinic & counts the days to her Bowen session


Juliet Sheridan , Roma

Sue, you were such a big help with both the kids in those early hazy days of breastfeeding, and I recommend you to anyone who's having trouble establishing breastfeeding or who is planning to breastfeed. Heidi, Dom, Tim and I all say a big thanks to you!

Jade Hornick, Roma

Had Bowen for post surgery recovery & associated neck pain ,she sent this message a few days later ....

"I'm on top of the world now.. you made such a difference!! After Bowen it was like I made leaps and bounds each day. What would we do without it?? Can't thank you enough!..."

Leanne Langkopf, NT

Sue you were such a gift during those long first months of my trying to establish breastfeeding with Reuben. I'm so glad that you took the plunge with us and did this over the phone and e-mail thing, nothing like what you are used to when you can actually see the people you are helping. Your support of both Jim and I helped us to follow our hearts to give Reuben the best we could, and I'm sure that without you we wouldn't have made it so far. In my remote location you were both an expert practitioner and a friend, if it wasn't for my knowing your heart to help us I wouldn't have turned to you so easily when we hit a bump in the road. God bless you!

Kate Kaminski, Roma

Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciated your help and support in establishing breastfeeding my twins. My first Pre Natal appointment with you was just what I needed as I was filled with doubts about how I would manage feeding not just one baby but two! My mum didn't feed any of us for very long and my experience with other family members feeding was limited and filled with reasons about why they couldn't feed. After leaving my first appointment with you I was left feeling confident and on top of world, being sure this was now something I could do. Having established that early relationship with you I knew I could give you a call for help whenever I needed it. Having my twins in Toowoomba and them spending time in the special care unit I experienced lots of problems with a limited supply and feeding difficulties. Many times sitting in the hospital I wanted to call you for help but knew I would just cry if I did. So when I finally arrived home (still with problems) you were on the list for a call. In no time you were on my couch with baby to help me out.

Your gentle and kind manner are what really got me through and after many difficulties had me almost exclusively feeding twins in no time. Many times I wanted to give up but with that support from you I kept getting to that next milestone, until feeding became so easy and that beautiful bonding experience that so many women talk about.

When my stepdaughter became pregnant, I offered to pay for a prenatal session for her also as similar to me, not many of her family members had successful breastfeeding relationships and I wanted to show her what it could be like. After your appointment she called around to see me bubbling with excitement and feeling confident about starting her breastfeeding journey. I am so glad she had the time to spend with you and she is very keen to see you shortly after the birth to ensure things are going well.

As far as I am concerned your pre natal sessions should be fully covered by Medicare and it should be just one of those things everyone does in the late stages of pregnancy! I've recommended you to another friend too that is due in March next year.

N Hogan, Roma

I have visited Sue at Red Gate Bowen & Breastfeeding Clinic on various occasions, at first I had my reservations, in the sense that I was open to various therapies, but I wanted to know how Bowen was different to the others...it works! I have had hip issues which have since been resolved.

The best thing of all, was I’m one of those people who can’t stand ear wax, I have found regular treatments avoids me having to deal with hearing loss or the general annoyance of using cotton buds all the time. To the point that I could actually feel, hear and even taste my sinuses and ear canals releasing the build up excess fluids...Just amazing.

The other terrific benefits include relaxation, feeling of a more balanced lifestyle, and the amazing increase in energy levels I have afterwards. For all these reasons I'm no longer a sit back and observe person, I would recommend it to anyone especially those who have tried conservative methods with no results! You can’t afford not to try it!

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