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Bowen for Babies  

  • Bowen therapy is a safe gentle healing option with a calming effect on babies transition from womb to world 
  • Bowen therapy is often very helpful for colic, reflux & constipation 
  • It’s important to address a baby’s preference to turn or tilt head to one side with Bowen therapy quite helpful with this in their development and breastfeeding.
  • Baby Bowen therapy gently assists baby wellbeing & recovery post-birth by helping realign bones, muscles and nerves of the spine, jaw, neck and head. 
  • Sometimes muscle tension from life in utero or the way baby is born can affect neck movement, head shape, breastfeeding latch, weight gain, or contribute to fussy or colicky babies.
  • If your baby was born by Caesarean, instrument assisted birth, a fast labour or long labour he will benefit greatly from a Bowen treatment in adjusting to life after birth.
  • Bowen therapy as a bodywork therapy is very helpful & recommended before and after surgical release if you suspect or have a tongue tie diagnosis. In her role as lactation consultant, Sue suggests booking lactation consultation to assess and fine tune breastfeeding prior to considering surgical intervention.

You may find Baby Bowen helps improve breastfeeding to the degree where surgery becomes unnecessary or a release more effective with reduced muscle tension within the oral & jaw area. 

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