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You’ve probably been told how beneficial breastfeeding your baby will be to their health, wellbeing and the wonderful bonding opportunity it gives. Breastfeeding is definitely an investment in the immediate and long term health of both you and your baby with great potential for savings in health and feeding costs now and into the future. 

Then you start to ask yourself … Will I be able to, will it be difficult, and will it fit my lifestyle? 

As a breastfeeding specialist (IBCLC ) since 2003 I love being able to simplify breastfeeding while empowering you with knowledge and support, taking your “ I will if I can ..” to “I can do this!”

But don’t midwives help with breastfeeding? … Yes they do but their time is usually limited and more general in focus.  As an IBCLC I can give you timely continuity of care with breastfeeding establishment & more complex breastfeeding issues like latch issues, milk supply, and any medical issues affecting you or your baby. 


Postnatal Toowoomba Home Visits
Now Available

Monday's By Arrangement Only


Please Contact Sue HERE to arrange a Postnatal Home Visit.
** Available to Toowoomba and Ravensbourne area only.

Becoming a parent is an amazing time in your life and can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Like any new career you need time to settle in and find your feet. Breastfeeding like any other new role is easier with a support crew & knowledge, so developing a support system and trusted source of information can be the key to success. 

Breastfeeding gets easier with practice with the right information and support, often preventing common problems and helping you learn faster on the job!

IBCLC’s are your go to for getting breastfeeding off to a flying start; general breast-feeding issues; and also using their skills to provide detailed assessment and support based on a current evidence base.

Research has shown the support of an IBCLC with at least one face to face interaction resulted in an overall increase of breastfeeding at 6 months (1)

I’m here to support your breastfeeding journey & help you reach your goals. I look forward to being there with you and your family at this special time. Best Wishes Sue

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