REDGATE Post Birth

Bowen & Breastfeeding Clinic

Post Birth 

Breastfeeding gives your baby the best possible start and like any new job it takes time, skills & patience which is tough if you’re sore or just plain tired. 

As an experienced private practice IBCLC since 2003 Sue … 

  • Helps you confidently breastfeed and enjoy your baby 
  • Helps you learn to breastfeed as quickly as possible 
  • Provides tools to reach your personal breastfeeding goals 
  • Believes most breastfeeding issues can be prevented or overcome 
  • Uses evidence based information & thorough assessment 
  • Provides consistent support and personalised action plan 

You will also find breastfeeding solutions fast with issues such as …

  • Breastfeeding establishment
  • Sore-nipple prevention and troubleshooting
  • Over-supply and low-supply
  • Attachment/sucking issues
  • Wakeful or fussy baby
  • Premature or early baby
  • Colic or reflux management
  • Mastitis prevention and treatment
  • Tongue tie assessment
  • Breastfeeding with food intolerances/allergies
  • Breastfeeding twins
  • Work-and-breastfeeding plan
  • Expressing and storing milk
  • Low weight-gain
  • Breastfeeding when you and baby are separated.