Bowen & Breastfeeding Clinic

Pre-birth Breastfeeding Session

With so much to learn in a hospital stay averaging 1-2 days… a pre-birth session with Sue gives you confidence, skills and knowledge to relax & enjoy breastfeeding your baby minus unnecessary hassle or pain.

At Red Gate Clinic, Sue offers a range of breastfeeding workshops to suit individual needs, lifestyle & geography. 

A pre-birth breastfeeding session is a must for all expectant parents planning to breastfeed. 

A pre-birth consult answers your questions and covers the following…

  • How breastfeeding works and what to expect in the early hours, days & weeks
  • Launching with a flying start and tips to avoid common breastfeeding issues
  • Feeling confident in how to comfortably  latch your baby to breast 
  • Establishing a great milk supply & knowing your baby is getting enough 
  • Tips & tricks to learn to breastfeed quickly & find solutions fast
  • What partners can do to really make a difference 
  • When & how to express? 
  • Early days breastfeeding resource pack 
  • Knowing when to call a Lactation Consultant

    A pre-birth breastfeeding session is essential if you’ve experienced or expect breastfeeding challenges due to:

    • Previous issues with sore nipples or low milk supply
    • History of hormonal disorders- PCOS, IVF, difficulty falling pregnant
    • Previous breastfeeding problems or past low supply experience
    • No noticeable breast changes during pregnancy
    • Asymmetrical breasts, wide breast spacing or ‘odd’ shaped breasts
    • Acute or chronic issues- e.g. diabetes including gestational diabetes
    • Breast surgery
    • Flat or inverted nipples
    • Family history of allergies or food intolerance
    • Tongue tie
    • Cleft palate
    • Thyroid issues
    • Possibility of premature birth
    • You are expecting twins or more!