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Bowen Therapy

If you’re planning a pregnancy Bowen Therapy can be very helpful in balancing your body physically and hormonally getting your body ready for pregnancy.

Sue can also perform specific Bowen Therapy procedures that particularly target your hormones to prepare your body for pregnancy particularly if it’s taking a while, or you’re considering IVF or similar procedures. 

Bowen Therapy can be a blissful relief and make you more comfortable during pregnancy for pregnancy related pain, morning sickness, reflux, hand and feet swelling, sciatica. 

Having Bowen Therapy throughout your pregnancy can also help prevent and relieve aches and pains while also supporting your body & muscles to relax and prepare for birth.

Many mums also find it’s a perfect gentle way to relax and take time out before birth even if they have no issues. 

Because Bowen Therapy is so beneficial for pregnant mums, Sue specialises in nurturing you through this time and has  Belly Pillows allowing you to really relax and feel super comfy while getting the most from your Bowen treatment. 

Redgate Bowen and Breastfeeding Clinic takes online bookings and payments for your convenience.