Bowen & Breastfeeding Clinic

Thank You

We are very grateful to all our Bowen Therapy and Breastfeeding clients for their wonderful reviews. 

Here are few to showcase.

Sue has been an incredible support during my pregnancy and postpartum journey. Her bowen treatments have helped to provide support and relieve pain when nothing else could. Sue’s support during my breastfeeding journey was second to none. As an IBCLC with decades of experience, Sue has incredible lactation knowledge, is very supportive to new mothers and is very generous with her time. Sue provided the support needed to help put my mind at ease when I was feeling vulnerable during my breastfeeding journey. Her home visits were  invaluable in the weeks following the birth of my baby and I always felt at ease. Toowoomba is very lucky to have access to Sue’s extensive experience and knowledge in both lactation support and bowen therapy.

R Bond

Sue is incredible at what she does. I began Bowen Therapy to try help rectify issues with sleep and severe anxiety and I can confidently say it was the best decision I ever made. My sleep has improved significantly and my stress is far more manageable. Her compassion, gentleness and expertise has been second to none and I thoroughly recommend Sue at Redgate Bowen to anyone looking for quality care.

Abbey F

Sue has made a huge difference in a short space of time. So much better than going down the MRI/injection path! Sue has a caring, practical manner about her & her nursing background gives her an edge that’s noticeable. Thanks Sue!

NS Crows Nest

I would like to thank Sue publicly as she has been a huge help on our breastfeeding journey. A wealth of knowledge, support and cheer leader when I thought we were losing the battle.

Our Paed noted our little boy had a tongue tie and with paed and midwifes advice, if there was no problems with latch then there was no need to intervene. We were more than happy with this recommendation but being a first time Mum and minimal breastfeeding education prenatally I didn’t realise that our latch was far from ideal. Increased nipple pain and trauma, cracks, bleeding, tears, trying to express, more tears, nipple shields and more tears filled our early weeks of feeding.

I only wish I had contacted Sue sooner as at our first appointment we were able to really sit down and practice a proper latch. Her oral assessment revealed some issues but again if we could manage to latch we were happy not to intervene. Several days of practice and we had on and off improvement, at follow up we fine tuned some pointers and I was also diagnosed with nipple thrush. We decided to have the tongue tie reviewed and it was released. Although the tie was released we still had some latch practice to work on, but every day we have seen some improvement.

I am thankful we consulted with Sue to begin with as even though the tie may have been causing some problems we still needed to make sure we had the correct latch. I appreciated the advice not to rush into intervention for the tie as I’ve now realised we wouldn’t have solved any of our problems as our latch wasn’t correct.

Emma Dawson ~ Withcott

We are beyond grateful to have met Sue!

Our breastfeeding journey has been a wild roller-coaster and we have definitely had far more difficult days than easy ones. I’m almost certain we wouldn’t have gotten this far without Sue’s ongoing support!

Cant’ forget how strong and healthy our little man is with her help and support as well!

You’re worth your weight in gold Sue!

Sarah Waters

Sue is magical and so professional.
Just one session of baby Bowen has drastically improved my daughter’s ability to latch and breastfeed and has broken the cycle of recurring clogged ducts.

So very thankful for the help Sue gave us when we needed it most!

I went to Sue for lactation consulting and she went out of her way to make the process easy for me since we were in the early stages of parenting.

With her baby Bowen she loosened my daughter’s jaw and tongue and it made a huge difference. Our breastfeeding journey is easier because of the support from Sue.

Sarah C

I booked in with Sue for a lactation consultation prior to having my baby girl.
It was the best, most beneficial thing I did in my whole preparation!  Sue accommodated me by doing these over zoom.

The session was exactly what I needed- enough information but not overloaded and her use of visuals. I was set up with the knowledge prior to birth. Sue also provides in-depth information sheets of everything covered in the session. Once having my baby I saw Sue over zoom for 2 more consultations. She has made my breastfeeding experience enjoyable and I knew I could get in contact with her as soon as I needed to if an issue arose.

She gave me so much reassurance and gave me feedback In such a positive way! I am so thankful! 

Terri W


Sue was a godsend during my pregnancy. I suffered from severe HG ( Hyperemesis gravidarum) and migraines right up until 20 weeks. I was in hospital almost daily getting needles to help both with no relief when I booked in with sue. Within 24 hours of my first appointment my migraines were gone and I went from spewing 10-15 times a day to having no symptoms of nausea for the rest of my pregnancy. Without Sues help it would have been an awful 9 months. I’d be lost without her!

Jahra Taylor

I was lucky enough to be gifted a pre/post birth consult with Sue. Prior to this my knowledge was very limited! Throughout my breastfeeding journey, Sue has been with me every step of the way – all the highs & lows. I truly believe the only reason I am able to feed is because of the Sue.
I am truly grateful for all her advice & support.

Happy Mum

I found the early days of breastfeeding a really difficult, painful and anxious time. With Sue’s support and guidance it became a lot easier and gave me the confidence in my milk supply & myself to continue and as a new mum having that support was so important and it made me feel relieved and very grateful.

Brooke Ashton

6 months after breaking my upper humerus and a grade 1 fracture of my ac joint in my shoulder I only had about 10-20% mobility and was stiff and in pain and regular physio was not seeing any improvements. Within 3 weekly visits of Bowen my movement had substantially improved to 60-70% and the pain was relieved. Now it’s 100% and totally fine.

Brooke Ashton

Sue is a great therapist who listens and understands how to assist. My back and joints always feel looser and freer and I notice the improvement and impact for several weeks. Sue has also treated my sons who love it. Bowen is really powerful and Sue is the best you will find.

Sacha Dyson-Holland

Can not recommend enough – Sue was absolutely fantastic and her expertise with breastfeeding was able to help me so much, her Bowen on babies has also been absolutely amazing for my baby, he’s had less issues with reflux and is generally happier. If you’re on the fence, I hope this convinces you to go and see Sue!

Rebekah Lush

Sue is a very qualified therapist. She has helped my journey to pregnancy and I will continue to see her after Bub is born for lactation needs. Bowen has also helped my tight neck caused by stress, and tight legs.

Melanie Alderton

I contacted Sue when I became concerned about my babies weight gain. She was able to fit me into her busy schedule almost immediately which I was very grateful for.

As a busy mother of three Sue offered me simple and practical advice that I could easily implement to help get back on track with my breastfeeding. Her knowledge, care and understanding was just what I needed to boost my confidence.

Catherine Perrett

Sue!! You are amazing! My ankles have lost all the swelling!!
You’ve worked wonders with my swollen ankles now for both pregnancies!

N C Surat