Here at Red Gate I believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing to help you look after your body & life to the full… 

The way we live everyday life with its fast pace, deadlines & stresses is seen by your body nervous system as a threat so it generates stress hormones to keep you safe. 

Unfortunately the effect of living  this way  affects your body’s ability to maintain a healthy normal function affecting digestion , hormone function  and generally leaving you with muscle tension increasing your risk of injury . 

Bowen can be one part of your well being plan… it  can gently  hit your bodies reset button,  maintain your physical & emotional health, relieve tight muscles and help heal  after injury.  

How does it do this?  …. Simply put it rebalances your Autonomic nervous system ( ANS) shifting it to a normal function & healthy balance ( Homeostasis) .

 The ANS controls most of your body’s function and can easily become out of balance with everyday life stresses. There are 2 parts to the ANS…

  1. The Sympathetic nervous system (Fight Flight , Freeze response) keeps you safe releasing stress hormones and increasing blood to vital organs such as lung, heart, brain.
  2. The Parasympathetic nervous system normally allows your body to Relax , Digest & Repair  but this takes a back seat when the ANS becomes overstimulated  with  Sympathetic nervous system dominance.  During a Bowen session  gentle moves trigger a shift back  to normal nervous system balance (Parasympathetic) Your body’s natural ability to reset & heal itself can only occur during this state of Parasympathetic dominance. 

Gentle  moves over a spider web “fascia” within the body relieve pain by improving   muscle, nerve  & joint function, increase circulation, improve lymphatic drainage , initiates detoxification.

The human body is an amazing & resilient creation that has the ability to do so many things throughout our lives… think of what it’s allowed you to do throughout life?

At  Red Gate  I’m constantly  amazed by the body’s resilience  when I think of injury recovery , conception , birth, breastfeeding to name a few . 

In my work at Red Gate I’ve observed some things that can really affect my clients’ wellbeing … here’s my tips for supporting your wellbeing in between Bowen visits.

1 Stop the busy! Schedule time to meditate, take time out, practice mindfulness, gratitude Rachael Kable has a great podcast worth subscribing to on ITunes to give you practical tips to bring mindfulness into your life. Each time you do these activities you help your body reset and stay in balance. There are lots of great meditation apps …try ones like Calm or Buddhify

2. Regular Exercise – Make or even schedule regular exercise you enjoy. Exercise is so important to physical & mental wellness with the release of endorphins and improved circulation, brain & hormone function.

3. Listen to your Body- Your body is resilient & amazing at adapting , see pain  or muscle tension as an indication your body( or mind )  needs a hand with more rest, time out and a rebalancing Bowen treatment . Many of Red Gates clients find that having a Bowen tune up every 4- 6 weeks is a great way of maintaining wellness. 

4. Sleep – Are you getting at least 7-8 hrs sleep? Establish a more regular bedtime, limit screen use within an hour or two of bedtime, try use a screen time app. Try the meditation & sleep App CALM to help you get on track . There are specific Bowen moves that can help rebalance your nervous system and support good sleep .  

5. Eat & drink well (most of the time!)  

  • Reduce & minimise consumption of sugary & processed foods, alcohol & coffee. Go for moderation in the less healthy foods, some have suggested the 80-20 rule is a good place to start in conjunction with regular exercise.
  • Try a new herbal tea or green tea with a slice of lemon. If you find it hard to drink water try infusing   slices of lemon, lime and sprigs of mint or lemon myrtle leaves.
  • Drink water regularly & according to thirst – our body is approximately 60 % water with a loss of even small amounts potentially affecting physical & mental function.
  • Drinking plenty water has been shown in studies to reduce kidney stones, constipation and in some studies to lower the risk of bladder and colon cancer.

6. Posture – Sitting at a desk, driving, lifting and even heavy handbags can see you with neck, shoulder back pain, pelvic misalignment and even headaches. try these tips to prevent unnecessary strain on the wrong muscles being employed to support your neck, shoulders , back etc.

  • Sitting- Tuck bottom into chair ensures good back support & minimises slumping. Have you knees positioned at a lower height than your hips to minimise hip flexor contraction that can lead to back pain especially when sitting for long periods e.g. a long drive.
  • Driving-  Follow my tips for sitting but also minimise neck or shoulder pain by avoiding a hunched neck forward posture; drive with shoulders in a neutral position and tuck your chin in rather than out.
  • Lifting- Stay hydrated to help your muscles & fascia allow you to move best. Bend your knees, keep your back straight and minimise repeated rotation while lifting.
  • Lighten & downsize that handbag – handbags can contribute to neck, shoulder, back pain & pelvic misalignment. Carry water bottle in your hand or find a much smaller one to pop in your bag.

Are you ready to calm your nervous system and start feeling amazing? 

Sue Barford is an Advanced Bowtech Bowen Therapist offering Bowen Therapy for Adult Men and Women, Pregnancy, Children and Infants.

Red Gate Bowen Therapy Clinic is located in the beautiful rainforest area of Ravensbourne – “A place of absolute tranquility and relaxations!”