lady lying on massage table with hands on her back

Here at Red Gate I am Passionate About Helping You Feel Good

Back pain is, well … a pain! We have many clients come to us to help them with their back pain. 

Bowen Therapy is great tool to help you with your back pain also.


Here are some great top tips to help you keep back pain at bay!

1. Avoid sitting long periods in a car or lounge … ensure knees are approximately 5cm lower than hips with a wedge cushion or folded towel at back of seat. 

2. Take regular breaks when driving, lounging, or seated at a desk 

3. Stretch your hamstrings! 

4. Always bend knees while keeping back straight when lifting any weight. Lifting a 20 kg weight with back straight/ knees bent increases pressure on discs by 73 % as opposed back bent and knees straight/back bent increasing by 169%!

5. Book a Bowen Treatment if your back before your back puts you out of action.

6. If you experience pain, sciatica, movement restriction or injury get Bowen ASAP 

7. Minimize stress 

8. Minimize head forward posture with typing, mobile devices, driving 

Is your back playing up? Want to help to make it feel amazing again? 

Sue Barford is an Advanced Bowtech Bowen Therapist offering Bowen Therapy for Adult Men and Women, Pregnancy, Children and Infants.

Red Gate Bowen Therapy Clinic is located in the beautiful rainforest area of Ravensbourne – “A place of absolute tranquility and relaxations!”