I often have mums tell me they plan to breastfeed “if they can” … I love helping parents be able to say they’re going to breastfeed. 

Breastfeeding is something you and baby learn together. Access to gold standard lactation consultant information, assessment and support helps you begin breastfeeding with confidence, prevent common problems and quickly solve any issues that might arise.

Here are 5 Breastfeeding Essentials I’d love to share with you before your baby arrives…

1. Your baby has strong instincts to help find and latch to the breast given the right conditions usually within an hour or two. Skin to skin contact until baby latches is helpful to tap into this. Difficulties or pain can usually be readily sorted by a IBCLC

2. Frequent feeds from birth helps build a great milk supply and helps your baby learn to breastfeed before milk comes in around 24-48 hrs.. Night feeds in the early days are a normal part of this with your milk making hormone Prolactin higher at night.

3. Watch your baby not the clock for early feed cues for readiness to breastfeed. Early feed cues are hand to mouth, mouthing movements, extending tongue to lips. Crying is a late feeding cue!

4. Babies breastfeed not nipple feed so encouraging baby to take a good mouthful of breast tissue along with nipple. This helps reduce the likelihood of sore nipples and improves baby’s milk intake

5. Antenatal classes prepare for birth. Pre-birth breastfeeding consultation prepares you to breastfeed with confidence, be well informed& avoid common issues. Parents usually find you pick up breastfeeding more quickly when you can find out & learn about breastfeeding pre birth than when hormones and tiredness make it harder to absorb information

post birth black and white image of mother with newborn on her chest

If you’re expecting and would like more information, I suggest booking a pre-birth consultation around 30-34 weeks.

If breastfeeding isn’t going as well as you hoped, I look forward to helping you enjoy breastfeeding 

Happy Parenting, Sue