Breastfeeding for the first time can often be quite daunting for some new mothers however, knowing what to expect and where you can get support and help gives new mothers more confidence for the arrival of their baby.

Breastfeeding in the early hours and day is important as it gives your baby the best possible start and like any new job it takes time, skills & patience which is tough if you’re sore or just plain tired.

Here’s some early days tips I’d love all mums to know before their baby is born to give them the confidence for this new  ….

✔️Babies are usually quite awake in the first couple hours after birth followed by a sleepy stretch. Use this awake time to keep him skin to skin to allow him to get to know you while using his natural feeding instincts to find and latch to the breast.

✔️Look for early feed cues of readiness to feed will help baby latch calmly also allowing you to detach and reattach him more easily.

Some early feeding cues can include the following:

  • Nuzzling searching for breast & fingers to mouth
  • More tongue movement or extension
  • Wiggling and moving arms/ legs
  • Little sounds or whimpers

Some late feeding cues and things to consider:

  • Moving arms & legs more
  • Crying and then falling asleep
  • A crying baby is less likely to be able to attach well or organise himself to feed successfully


“Remember you and your baby need to learn how Breastfeeding works, try to relax and you will soon establish your own rythm.”

The following tips will help with how I use successful Breastfeeding..

✔️Feed your baby early and often from birth. This allows him to practice before milk comes in and helps build a good milk supply

✔️Begin to express colostrum within an hour of birth if your baby isn’t ready to latch. Offering this before a feed can help him fully wake to feed also helping blood sugar level

✔️With so much to learn in a hospital stay averaging 1-2 Days; booking a pre birth breastfeeding consultation with me Book a Pre Birth Consult around 32 weeks gives you the confidence, skills & knowledge to relax while enjoying breastfeeding your baby minus unnecessary hassle and pain

✔️Most breastfeeding issues can be prevented or overcome with consistent gold standard, evidence based breastfeeding support

If breastfeeding isn’t going as smoothly as you expected I can assess what’s happening for you to find breastfeeding solutions fast with issues like…

  • Sore-nipple prevention and troubleshooting
  • Achieving good attachment and positioning at the breast
  • Over-supply and low-supply
  • Attachment/sucking issues
  • Wakeful or fussy baby
  • Premature or early baby
  • Colic or reflux management
  • Mastitis prevention and treatment
  • Tongue tie assessment and breastfeeding plan
  • Breastfeeding twins
  • Expressing and storing milk
  • Low weight-gain
  • Breastfeeding when you and baby are separated